○ Who are we?

MENGCHEN (China) enjoys great prestige for providing premium solutions in publishing industry and in language services: 

 1) In-depth consultancy on international copyright and publishing business 

 2) Professional global language solutions 

 Since founded in 2013, MENGCHEN has gradually developed close partnerships with more and more publishing entities in both China and abroad. Currently, MENGCHEN has established long-term partnerships with up to 50 publishing houses in China, many of them have already developed their booklists for overseas publishing. MENGCHEN is working hard to fulfill their ambition and in the meantime forge itself into a bridge that links Chinese and overseas cultural and academic circles.

○ What are our service's advantages?



We are “communicator of Chinese/global literature and knowledge”, “enterprise of publishing & language services with good faith”, and “member of theTranslators Association of China”.


Rich experiences in collaboration with both Chinese and foreign authoritative publishers, connect you with Chinese culture & academic society.        

○ What is our team's strength?

MENGCHEN’s contracted language experts and translators enjoy great reputation and popularity in publishing & cultural industries. Some of them even hold internationally accredited certificates. Moreover, MENGCHEN’s publishing and copyright consultant team have also received high appraisal from customers in various industries.


 1) MENGCHEN works only with global publishers with legal license/authentications.  

 2) MENGCHEN has long-term legal service partners to guarantee/ensure the copyright owners’ legitimate interests.

Moon Trans is supported by over 300 language experts with work experiences in different fields and key industries. More than 150 elites have doctoral or master’s degree, and many of them are either overseas returnees or native speakers.

○ Our partners

Publishing houses and reading platforms: 

Peking University Press (books on history, philosophy and playwriting) 

Posts & Telecom Press -Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd. (Disney·Pixar, Chinese culture) 

Tsinghua University Press (book introductions, documents) 

China Environment Publishing Group (books on China’s "13th Five-Year Plan")

Social Science Academic Press (monographs under the Belt and Road Initiative)

Hongkong IReader Technology Co., Ltd. (localization of novels and comics) 


China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (annual cooperation)

China Merchants Group (annual cooperation)

Beijing Xiang Long Logistics Group (bidding documents and contracts)

China National Petroleum Corporation (contracts, industrial and project reports)

DAX Co., Ltd. (ANOA water purification project: Japanese-Chinese)

Healthy Housing Co., Ltd. (documents of construction project: Chinese-Japanese)

Thailand Great Journey Travel Agency (legal documents: Chinese-Thai)


Beijing Exxon Film & Television Technology Co., Ltd. (films and TV programs: Chinese-Korean)

Guangzhou Jiahua Film Co., Ltd. (filmand television scripts: Chinese-Russian/German/English/French)

Southern Cross Subtitles Group (Korean variety show: Chinese-Korean)

Kugou Music Company (lyrics:English/Japanese/Korean-Chinese)